Our Industrial Wheelbarrow is tough, durable & powerful!

C34-10A-PD-PowerDumpAt ElectricWheelbarrows.com, we have recently added to our line of quality self-propelled carts, wagons, and wheelbarrows. The latest product is the C34-10A-PD self-propelled electric wheelbarrow which has features that no other cart offers in our lineup of equipment.  It is quickly becoming a favorite of our customers, and it is because of the three new features:  an industrial strength Four-Wheel Drive, an immense Power Dump mechanism, and an incredibly durable Extended Range Battery.

dual_ag_tireThe first quality is included in the name of this tough wheelbarrow.  Our new Industrial Wheelbarrow earns the name because of its ability to travel over any terrain while hauling a huge load of material.  This beast of a wheelbarrow has a Four-Wheel Drive train, so it has traction on steep hills, snow, and mud.  The Industrial Wheelbarrow also comes not with four, but a total of eight wheels.  Our Dual Ag Tires combine two 13” tires together for improved traction on all four corners of the wheelbarrow.  These deep grooved tires bite deep into sand, sawdust, and sludge so you will be productive and efficient while working.  This combination of eight beefy tires attached to a four-wheel drive train allows you to reach speeds up to nearly 2.5 miles per hour which will help you finish any big job quickly and effectively.  Plus, we have added an articulated frame to this model.  The pivot joint at the rear of the hopper allows this unit to make tighter turns outside between bales of straw or inside between stacked shelving units.  No matter where you use it, this feature makes maneuvering a heavy load easier and safer.

The immense hauling ability of the Industrial Wheelbarrow is another quality our customers seem to love.  The 10 cubic foot hopper has a 750 pound hauling capacity.  That is twice its own weight!  With the new Industrial Wheelbarrow, you don’t even have to dump that weight because we have included an electronic lift to do the job for you.  No more jerking, lifting or straining to drop a heavy payload.  The Power Dump mechanism allows you to tip your load exactly where you want it with the push of a button.  The heavy duty lift also gives you control on how fast or slow you wish to spread your load.C34-10A-PD

Finally, the incredible toughness and durability of the Industrial Wheelbarrow cannot be found in any other similar unit.  The large hopper is constructed from a high density Polyethylene which will provide years of use without cracking.  A powder coated frame will resist rust and damage, and the enclosed gear box prevents dust and dirt from stopping you cold in your tracks.  But best of all is the incredible Extended Range Battery.  Because of the four wheel drive train and Power Dump mechanism, the battery on the Industrial Wheelbarrow gets quite a workout.  So we have included a battery with a much longer time of use.  With its extended range, you can expect to run this unit a remarkable 11 hours continuously depending upon the load and terrain.  And that run time extends to an amazing 16 hours or more when the cart is used in a stop/start fashion.

An industrial strength Four-Wheel Drive, an immense Power Dump mechanism, and an incredible Extended Range Battery are just some of the reasons customers are falling in love with the Industrial Wheelbarrow.  It is perfect for any heavy job you need to perform.  From construction to farming, no matter what your industry is, the Industrial Wheelbarrow will make the job easier and safer than any other device.  So dump your old wheelbarrow, and buy an electric cart, wagon or wheelbarrow from us at electricwheelbarrows.com!

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