Tire Selection For Your Electric Wheelbarrow Is Key

At ElectricWheelbarrows.com, we receive numerous questions about our products.  Besides electric powered wheelbarrows, we sell electric powered wagons, self-propelled trash carts, and accessories for our carts.  Most customers, however, are interested in our wheelbarrows, and prospective clients usually ask about features of these battery-powered carts.  Typically, customers ask about the cubic size of the hopper.  Or they wish to know about the maximum load a wheelbarrow will carry.  Unfortunately, many people don’t ask about perhaps the most important feature:  tires.

Terrain and traction matter

 Think about it.  Would you drive your car on a muddy, off road course that was meant for four wheeling trucks?  Of course not!  So when you are hauling up to 750 pounds of material in one of our wheelbarrows, traction and terrain matter.  To determine what type of tire you need on your wheelbarrow, consider how you will use the unit.  We offer three styles of drive tires:  Turf tires, Mud Hog tires, and Dual Ag tires. Besides our no flat swivel tires that our units use as follow along tires, drive tires pull the unit up, down, and over the terrain and provide traction through elements such as mud and snow.  Let’s take a look at the uses of each tire.

Turf Tiresturf_tire

Turf tires were meant for use on level terrain.  These rubber tires use an inflatable tube inside of them to provide an easy rolling surface.  Inflated at 32 PSI, the turf tires have no trouble rolling across your lawn to deliver mulch to your landscaped beds or top soil to your garden.  The tread on this tire is similar to the tread on a riding lawnmower tire, so it will not damage your yard.  In fact, the grounds crew of the San Diego Padres currently uses one of our wheelbarrows equipped with turf tires.  The ground crew reports no tread marks on their infield whenever they have to repair the pitcher’s mound or throw sand on the base paths to keep them dry.  Our C27-7T Power Garden Wheelbarrow uses this drive tire.

mud_hog_tire Mud Hog Tires

Need a tire to deliver a payload through the mud of a barn yard?  The Mud Hog drive tire will do just that and more.  Looking like the tire from an all terrain vehicle, the knobby tread of this 12.5” tire gives you the traction you need on slippery surfaces.  Plus, it can climb a 3:1 slope with up to 500 pounds of material, so a hilly terrain is no problem for this drive tire.  Our Power Wheelbarrow C27-8M comes equipped with the Mug Hog drive tire.

Dual Ag Tires

If you plan on using your electric wheel barrow in a variety of terrains and elements, you need Dual Ag drive tires.  Over 90% of our customers purchase units with this type of tire because they are so versatile.  These 13.5” tires come as a set of four (instead of two) drive tires, and once inflated to 31 PSI, they provide a wide stable base to cut through up to 5” of mud or up to 8” of snow.  Like the Mud Hog tire, the Dual Ag tire has no problem going up a 3:1 incline while bearing 500 pounds of payload.  On a level terrain, the Dual Ag tire will carry up to 750 pounds.  Our Large Power Wheelbarrow, unit C27-10A, is just one unit to usedual_ag_tires this drive tire.

Tread lightly or bite deeply?

So when you select a product from ElectricWheelbarrows.com, don’t forget to consider how and where you will use of the unit.  Do you need a tire to bite into the ground for better traction or do you wish to tread lightly on your lawn?  This is just one aspect you should consider.  If you have further questions, explore our Frequently Asked Question tab that can be found here.  If you still have unanswered questions, then there’s no better source of wheelbarrow expertise than our owner Tom Short.  Feel free to call him anytime at 419-378-9122 and he’ll be sure to answer any turf, terrain or tire questions that you may have.  Not a phone person?  Email him at sales@electricwheelbarows.com and he’ll quickly respond with the answers you need!

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