What is an Electric Wheelbarrow?

Just imagining such a device is enough to boggle someone’s mind.  Questions pop into a person’s mind.  How do you plug it into a wall socket?  Does it go forward, backward or both?  Why would you need one?  These are all good questions, and we hope to answer them and more in this first blog entry.

Let’s start with the most obvious question.

Why does anyone need an electric wheelbarrow?

Wheelbarrow for baseball field

Here’s one of our Electric Wheelbarrows that’s used at the San Diego Padres baseball field, Petco Park.

Our electric wheelbarrows offer safety and convenience.  We hope to make work around your lawn, garden, farm, or construction site as safe and easy as possible.  To do this, we are offering a number of green products that are environmentally friendly while also friendly to your back.  With the simple turn of the wrist, you can be moving up to 750 lbs of material without lifting, pushing or pulling.  Yes, you read that correctly.  No struggling with lifting, pushing, pulling or trying to balance all that weight by yourself.  With our products you’ll be able to transport up to 750 lbs & 10 cubic feet of material without the help of anyone!

What exactly is an electric wheelbarrow?

Simply put, an electric wheelbarrow is a four wheeled, self propelled cart.  Presently, we carry over a half dozen electric wheelbarrows, 3 electric wagons and one power trash cart.  These powerful haulers come in a variety of different sizes and capabilities.  The products on our website are divided into three categories:  wagons, wheelbarrows, and accessories.  Each category offers a different set of options and abilities.

Wheelbarrow Throttle

One turn of the throttle & you can move up to 750lbs of material. The Full, Half & Low gauges light up to show you how much battery life you have left. Our rechargeable batteries last up to 11.5 hours!

No matter the category or their abilities, all of our items are powered by a rechargeable battery.  There’s no need to fuss with gas or oil and there are no fumes when using our power wheelbarrows.  Just plug it into any normal electrical socket, let it charge overnight and the next morning you’ll be ready for hours of use. Depending on which model you choose and the type of work you use them for, our rechargeable batteries last anywhere from 6 to 11 hours on a single charge. Even more impressive, our batteries can be recharged up to 500 times before they need traded in for a new battery!

What size do I need?

Electric Wagon for Construction

Our Electric Wagon carrying hundreds of pounds of concrete bricks at a construction site.

Our electric wagon series we recommend to many homeowners, farmers, construction workers & landscapers.  This series of carts are more than enough to get through some of those do-it-yourself projects you have around your barn or yard.  Our bestselling electric wagon that we offer is the C44-9A.  This amazing product can hold up to an astonishing 750 lbs.  Stone, mulch, and top soil are moved easily for you instead of you pushing or pulling the load.   The rechargeable battery powers the cart up to 11 hours depending upon the size of the load and the type of use.  The battery will last through 500 charges before a new one is needed.  The C44-9A comes with rugged and sturdy dual ag tires that are ready for any rough, bumpy or inclined surface that you may need to climb.  It costs $2,115.  We also offer two other battery powered wagons and prices start at $2,035.

Electric Wheelbarrow

Our most popular wheelbarrow, the C27-8A is show moving hundreds of points of large landscaping rocks.

For those with a bigger piece property to tend or bigger things to transport, we suggest our wheelbarrow category.  These units will are also perfect accessories to anyone working on a farm, pouring concrete, construction work, landscaping a house or even the simple task of moving dirt.  Our most popular wheelbarrow in this series is our C27-8A.  Equipped with 400 watts of power, it can easily move up to 750 pounds.  This battery-powered unit has a huge hopper too that can hold 8 cubic feet of feed, manure, concrete, dirt or whatever you need to move. It weighs in at only 165 lbs., so that’s amazing power for such a lightweight unit.  Plus, it will move that load at approximately 2.5 miles per hour, which is much faster than anyone could push such a heavy load.   The C27-8A costs $2070, but we have four other products in this series and prices range from $1859 to $2160.

We also carry some accessories for these carts.  We carry trailer ball hitches which are compatible with any of the products.  We also offer cart platforms which quickly transform your cart to a flatbed hauler.

What are other people saying about these products?

Golden Shovel Award Seal

Our Electric Wheelbarrow was awarded the Golden Shovel Award from Gardening Products Review in 2013!

Monica Hemingway of “Gardening Products Review” online magazine gave us an excellent rating in 2013.  She awarded us a five-shovel rating out of five possible.  That’s pretty high praise from a professional.  We let her use one of our C27-8A wheelbarrows for a few months, and she came up with seven reasons to buy a self-propelled wheelbarrow.  According to her, the C27-8A is highly maneuverable, can move heavy loads with little effort, is fast, and can be easily dumped on the spot you choose.  She went on to say the C27-8A has a long battery life, can move forward and reverse with the twist of the handle, and has an easy-off button for safety.  For the entire article, follow this link:  http://gardeningproductsreview.com/electric-wheelbarrow-review/.  We also were awarded the 2013 Golden Shovel Award for being one of the best new products tested in 2013.  For details, open this link: http://gardeningproductsreview.com/2013-golden-shovel-awards/.

So where do I buy one?

That is a great question and our name says it all.  All you have to do is go to www.electricwheelbarrows.com to see our complete line of products and accessories.  Be sure to read our testimonials page that gives you the opportunity to see what our actual customers are saying about our products after they’ve had a chance to use them in their everyday lives.  If you have any questions about our products then feel free to email us at sales@electricwheelbarrows.com or phone us at 419-378-9122 and we’ll be sure to get you the answers that you need.  Thanks for reading our post and please post your comments below.  They’re greatly appreciated!

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